The fishing trip wasn’t much fun without marijuana

My friends and I went fishing on Sunday and Jack forgot to bring the marijuana and a bowl.

I was very upset when we got out on the water and Jack gave me the bad news.

To be honest, I was probably angry. I didn’t want to spend the entire day without getting high. I told Jack that I was going to get off the boat and drive myself to a marijuana dispensary in Seattle. He thought I was joking, but I threatened to swim to shore. I thought he was being very secretive and manipulative when he did not tell me that he forgot the recreational marijuana products. He knew I would be anxious on the water and in the boat. He agreed to wait on the dock while I took the car and searched for a Seattle marijuana dispensary. Luckily, I was only 4 miles away from a dispensary and Seattle. I got in the car and hopped on the interstate. It took about 15 minutes to go 4 miles, but the dispensary was empty and I went right inside. The lady behind the counter told me about the daily specials. They had a couple of different pre-rolls and they were all 20% off. Pre-rolls sounded like a great idea, because I wouldn’t have to fool around with a bowl and a lighter. A disposable vape pen sounded like a good idea too. I purchased a 1 gram disposable Indica vape pen as well as a two gram infused joint. The fishing trip was a lot more fun after I was buzzed.

Marijuana Dispensary Seattle Washington