The last manager was not very personable or happy

Nobody knew what to expect when the manager at the Denver dispensary location was fired. The corporate head office person came to the building to personally deliver the news. A security officer escorted her from the building. It looked like a scene from a movie. Nobody in the store has any idea why that manager lost her job. She wasn’t very nice or personable. She didn’t have a lot of friends and I never thought she was a very good manager. The assistant manager ran things for the next couple of days and then a brand new manager started. The woman was unfamiliar to all of us and we did not know what to expect. During the first couple of days, the new manager did not say much to any of the staff. She watched everyone work and took a lot of notes. Then she fired a couple of the staff members. After that, things in the building seemed to get less tense. The manager had a couple of ideas to help sales at the dispensary and they worked very well. The Denver location was busy with customers and the place was starting to look like the dispensary from 10 years ago. It’s been several months since the manager took over and I am really happy with all of the changes. For the first time in a while, everyone at work seems happy and the sales are up across the board. The delivery drivers are making more money when each delivery and tips inside of the store are up as well.

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