The smell of weed is filling the house

I was enthralled by the neighborhood streets of Ann Arbor when I first visited during early Autumn in our senior year of high college.

  • Being a student down south, I had never entirely seen colors on the trees change to this degree.

There are so numerous trees along each street that a wander from one neighborhood block to the next will yield gorgeous plus sublime views. Many people talk about The Diag, as it’s the heart of the downtown area plus the center of student life at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. This courtyard is littered with diagonal walkways going in a variety of directions, which gives it the infamous name. Some of the buildings that are along The Diag are West Hall, Randall Lab, the Hatcher Graduate Library, the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Angell Hall, Mason Hall, Haven Hall, Tisch Hall, plus others. Although I’m not a University of Michigan student, I have an house on Hill St plus often walk through The Diag on afternoons when the foot traffic isn’t too high, especially in the summer time when there are much fewer students on campus. It’s proper for me to aroma clouds of weed smoke while I’m walking through The Diag on afternoons where the weather is pleasant outside. There is also the Law Quadrangle between Monroe St plus University Ave which contains Neo-Gothic buildings plus the University’s Law School. All of these picturesque areas are lake apartment to clouds of marijuana smoke on varying afternoons at varying times. It’s a basic fact about Ann Arbor plus its downtown area.

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