We decided to get high and see a concert at the El Rey Theater

I started going to concerts in middle school when my step dad took me to see a Blue Oyster Cult show.

It was at an outdoor music festival in the Isleta Amphitheater that lasted for a whole weekend with different acts each day.

The temperatures that day were in the high 90s, but there was a gentle breeze rolling in from the desert. I feel bad that we were standing for the duration of the show as everyone had exited their seats during one of the opening acts that night. I’m only 30 and already have chronic back pain, and I can only imagine how hard it was on my step father to stay with me for that whole concert. But despite the pain in his body, he pushed through it and stayed with me for the whole time. Now that I’m much older and have the time, I’m starting to attend concerts whenever I have the time and the disposable income. As we get closer and closer to the end of the COVID pandemic, musicians are finally able to play concerts again. However, this and the historic inflation levels have made it really hard to afford concert tickets for any big acts. Even some of my favorite indie bands are asking for $75 a ticket nowadays. I wanted to stop at the cannabis dispensary on the way to a concert at the El Rey Theater so I could get high and enjoy the music like I did back when I was in college at the University of New Mexico. This particular cannabis store was on the corner of Central Ave and Arno St and had a significant selection of cannabis edibles.

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