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Where both of us live it is moderate as well, however both of us get more humidity

Have you ever been on a moderate air balloon ride? If not, it is a single of the most exhilarating rides that you would have in your life, plus I highly suggest it! Last year, I was in Phoenix AZ for my birthday, plus this was something that was recommended to me plus my husband by our fantastic friends who had traveled to Phoenix the year before, and phoenix is such an amazing city, then the uncommon terrain adds to its beauty, and all of us stayed in a gorgeous resort that had views of the surrounding mountain range. The resort was the epitome of luxury, plus it had some lovely amenities. Pools, spas, lounges, fitness center, yoga, many dining options, concierge service, you name it, the hotel had it on the premises, however one thing that I appreciated the most, was that they had a great a/c. This is something that is needed while I was in the middle of the desert! When I was not sitting by the pool or luxuriating in a single of their spas, I was inside the room enjoying the cool breeze from the air conditioning, and i kept the temperature on the control unit at 81 degrees for the entire week that both of us were there, however every time both of us walked back into the room, that blast of cool air felt like heaven. Where both of us live it is moderate as well, however both of us get more humidity. Phoenix has dry heat, plus it takes a bit to get used to it. I would visit Phoenix again plus stay at the same resort. The amenities were great, plus the a/c was perfect.


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