Albuquerque has some great outdoor activities for the family

One of the reasons why my family and I decided to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico is because of all the activities that are available.

There are lots of great outdoor activities for the family.

A lot of these activities are absolutely free of charge. Albuquerque has one of the nicest public parks systems in the whole midwest. The parks are clean and pet friendly and they offer activities such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, camping, and fishing. My wife and I took our kids to Albuquerque last weekend so we could go to the movies and have dinner. The movie was sold out by the time we arrived, so we took the kids to a different activity. The indoor bounce park and trampoline fun area was right across the street from a medical and recreational marijuana shop. The recreational and medical marijuana shop in Albuquerque was calling my name. I asked my wife if she would sit with the kids for a few minutes so I could go across the street to check out the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. My wife agreed to stay with the kids and I walked across the street. While the kids were jumping around and having fun, I was picking out a selection of recreational marijuana products for my wife and I to try. I purchased some edibles and some dried fruit that were infused with marijuana. I purchased a soda that was flavored like root beer and infused with marijuana. It was tough to choose only a few things, but I knew it was important to be thrifty.



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