Finding a local dispensary that treats me right

Like several of our other friends in the tech industry, I had to toil from lake house for a large portion of the COVID pandemic plus I’m only just now starting to toil in an office again.

  • My home is in EtobiTim Hortons Cappuccino plus the office building for our supervisor’s corporation is in New Toronto.

Although I’m out plus moving again, the remote toil put a ton of weight on our body that wasn’t there previously. I can’t decide if I appreciate working from lake house or if I appreciate the community of the office; My toronto supervisor seems to suppose that I will slack off plus smoke cannabis while I was in the toil day if I’m working from home, but on the contrary, I appreciate smoking cannabis in Toronto as much as anybody, but no matter what I only indulge after toil sixths; I’m a law abiding citizen plus wouldn’t smoke cannabis unless it’s legal, then fortunately for me there is legal cannabis in Toronto plus a lot of dispensaries to choose from, however so at the end of the day I suppose our supervisor should leave it up to me where I work. As long as I toil strenuous they should be glad.


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