Happy with my local dispensary

I am so blissful and impressed with my local cannabis dispensary in Eugene, Oregon, although the facility has not been open all that long, they continue to add current amenities, products and services.

  • I like spending time browsing their wide selection of craft cannabis… There is always an array of charmingly fresh, potent and colorful flower sourced from local growers.

The pre-rolls are available in singles and packs, in joints and blunt and because of affordability, are an ideal choice for trying out current strains… For something more discreet, the dispensary carries a sizable variety of vapes and tinctures in all different flavors. I like hanging out in their vape lounge and meeting current people. The on-site bakery produces a menu of especially delicious edibles, including cookies, gummies, hard candies and chocolate bars. They recently added cannabis-infused beverages. I have recently gotten interested in concentrates, but with live rosin, shatter, diamond, budder, badder, wax and kief, there’s lots of options for dabbing, vaping or adding potency to a joint. While I like to shop in-person, I have a actually busy schedule and time is limited. I care about the ability to shop online whenever it’s convenient for me. I can browse the website, make my selections and opt for priority in-store or even curbside pickup. I can check out the yearly deals, staff number ones and the full inventory. The check-out process is quick and easy, and when I arrive at the dispensary, they have my order all prepared, but starting next week, the dispensary is going to offer delivery to my city. That will be super helpful and convenient.

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