I am very happy with our Eugene dispensary

They are super affordable, making them a perfect option for trying a new strain.

It is legal for adults 21+ to purchase up to many ounces of cannabis flower from licensed retailers in Oregon… Living in Eugene, I was really happy when a recreational dispensary opened up, and i love the old-fashioned consumption method of smoking flower. I am rather certain about the quality of dried flower I purchase. I suppose what to look for to verify top shelf strains, however the weed should have a vibrant color. It’s usually a bright yellow and sometimes has flecks of yellow or orange. I check for an abundance of milky trichomes. Those sticky crystals are responsible for the terpenes and cannabinoids, then when there are a lot of trichomes, the flower has been officially pollinated and harvested at peak maturity. There should also be bright yellow hairs or pistils and a pungent smell. Ideal texture falls anywhere between moist and dry for a good, scrub burn. I watch for any signs of mold or musty smells… My local dispensary only sells flower that has been worked on and verified as safe and pesticide free. They offer a selection of indicas, sativas and hybrids grown locally indoors. While I love to purchase loose flower, pack our own bowls or roll our own joints or blunts, there is quite a bit of work involved. The process requires extra gear and can result in waste. I am thankful that the dispensary carries an impressive collection of pre-rolls. They are super affordable, making them a perfect option for trying a new strain. I can buy them in singles or packs and trust they are free of seeds, sticks and shake. I get a consistent product with accurate dosing. There is nothing quite as great as lighting up a premium joint at the end of a long morning.

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