Our yearly trip to Vegas

My friends and I take a trip to Las Vegas every year.

It’s a wonderful escape from everyday stress and responsibilities.

There is always something new to see and fun to do in Vegas. We try to stay at different resorts, see different shows and make the experience unique each year. We’ve stayed at the Golden Nugget, which first opened in 1946 and was the result of mob influence. We appreciated the history of the place as well as the 38,000 square-foot casino, the huge shark aquarium and gorgeous pool that includes waterfalls and water slides. We recently booked accommodations at Resorts World, which is probably the most modern hotel on The Strip. There are robotic puppies that welcome guests as they arrive, LED displays to access guest services and five swimming pools. With 3,500 guest rooms, the place is huge and the amenities are state-of-the-art. There is over 70,000 square feet of boutique shopping and the spa treatments are incredible. Since recreational cannabis was legalized in Vegas in 2017, we’ve added shopping at the dispensary to our regular itinerary. We try to get to the dispensary our first day and often go back multiple times. Having access to legal marijuana makes our vacation that much better. We just love buying tasty edibles and sharing them. Eating gummies or drinking a cannabis-infused cola just makes a day at the pool or an evening hanging around our suite that much more fun. Although we tend to spend a great deal of money on these trips, it’s worth it. I look forward to our excursion to Vegas all year long.


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