This class is awesome

The weekends are the busiest time at the marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque, where I work.

I work every weekend, because I cannot go to school and those are the only days that I do not have classes, and occasionally it sucks not to hang out with our friends when they are going somewhere fun for the day, although I have to have a job to help me spend our money for school.

I was working in a steakhouse when I found out about the job at the marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque, the locale is a 15-minute bus ride from our dorm, although I use that time to study and read. I also listen to audiobooks on our PC… During the weekend days, most of the youngsters from the school visit the marijuana dispensary, however you have to be 21 years or older in order to buy products from the dispensary, but only 18 with a medical card. There are a lot of Albuquerque students with a medical marijuana card! Last weekend was a single of the busiest times that all of us have ever had since I have been working there. There was a line of youngsters waiting outside of the dispensary on Friday day and I feel like the line of people continued to pour through the building until late Monday night. I didn’t get our 15 minute break at all on Friday or Monday and I was fortunate that the boss even let me take a dinner break. I truthfully suppose all of us were supposed to have another guy at the front desk, because there’s usually numerous people and there was only a single, another guy at check-in would have been easily helpful.

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