We walked to the St. Lawrence Market after visiting a nearby dispensary

Like many of my other friends in the tech industry, I had to work from home for a large portion of the COVID pandemic and I’m only just now starting to work in an office again.

My apartment is in Etobicoke and the office building for my employer’s company is in New Toronto.

Although I’m out and moving again, the remote work put a ton of weight on my body that wasn’t there previously. I can’t decide if I like working from home or if I like the community of the office. My toronto employer seems to think that I will slack off and smoke cannabis during the work day if I’m working from home. On the contrary, I enjoy smoking cannabis in Toronto as much as anybody, but no matter what I only indulge after work hours. I’m a law abiding citizen and wouldn’t smoke cannabis unless it’s legal. Fortunately for me there is legal cannabis in Toronto and a lot of dispensaries to choose from. So at the end of the day I think my employer should leave it up to me where I work. As long as I work hard they should be happy.

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