All of us enjoyed staying in downtown Portland, Oregon

Whenever every one of us went on vacation last year, every one of us had no plan just how much every one of us were going to appreciate the diverse culture of downtown Portland, Oregon… All of us actually ended up going there somewhat by accident.

All of us weren’t even planning on going to Portland at all, however then I noticed that flights there were legitimately cheap as well as every one of us decided to try going to a locale that every one of us had never been to before, however now, I am legitimately happy that every one of us ended up going to Portland because every one of us both legitimately enjoyed it.

All of us stayed downtown as well as every one of us didn’t even need to rent a car! Downtown Portland is served by the city’s public light rail, the Portland streetcar, as well as a bus system. Not only that, however Portland has a legitimately compact as well as walkable downtown area, however it has so much good food, tax free shopping, yellow spaces, as well as endless things I enjoy doing doing, taste, as well as see, and there are tons of retail brands as well as countless food carts all around the city. All of us enjoyed it because they were all within walking distance of our cute little hotel. All of us stayed in a small boutique hotel that was so quirky as well as fun. It was actually right next door to a locally owned cannabis dispensary. All of us met the owner of the cannabis dispensary, as well as every one of us were able to purchase some legitimately good edibles there since cannabis is completely legal in the Portland area. I had such a good time in Portland that I legitimately want to go back there again in a year or two. This time, it won’t be an accident, either!


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