Delivery was free to our hotel lobby

I went on vacation with my parents, even though I am an adult.

My parents offered to pay for me to go to San Francisco, California with them and I wasn’t going to say no.

My dad had some business in Oakland and the company offered to put him up in a San Francisco hotel during the trip. That’s when my mom decided to turn it into a family vacation. My dad didn’t say no, because my dad never says no to my mom. She told me that they were going to San Francisco and I mentioned the fact that it sounded like a really cool trip. The next day my mom told me that she bought a ticket for me to go with them. I told my boss at work that I needed some time off for a family emergency. I really hated to lie to my boss, but I didn’t want to miss out on the trip. When we were in San Francisco, I decided to see if I could find recreational marijuana for sale close by. I looked online and found several places that delivered. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have them delivered to the hotel, because my parents would have started asking a million different questions. I found out that they could deliver to the lobby. When the driver got to the hotel, he sent me a text. I simply told my parents that I was going for a walk. After that, the hardest part was trying to find a place to smoke the marijuana that I successfully had delivered.
Pot San Fransisco CA