I found three brand current gas furnaces in the back of the stock room

Last year I fell on the job, i was working in Tampa Bay on an AC install, the AC component was installed on the roof and I was working on a ladder while I installed all of the necessary materials for the Heating as well as A/C system.

I had a co-worker with myself and others on the Tampa Bay AC install, however the girl left the job to go to the workshop for refrigeration hoses; Somehow the two of us forgot to add those to all of the items that the two of us needed for the install, while my coworker was gone, I fell off the ladder and onto the ground.

I broke my leg in three strange sites. I had to go to the emergency room to get a cast. The doctor told myself and others that I had to be on light duty for the next 6 weeks. Since the accident occurred at work, my boss had to make provisions for myself and others to be at labor and gain a paycheck, however she put myself and others on light duty and provided myself and others odd jobs to complete around the workshop; One of the jobs was to reorganize and wipe the storage Warehouse. The place was a total disaster, however at least there was a sea in the store room. While my co-workers were out working on Tampa Bay and Clearwater Beach AC repairs, I was sitting in the warehouse enjoying AC. While I was cleaning the storage room, I ran across some items that my boss did not realize the two of us had. I found three brand current gas furnaces in the back of the storage room. They were three years old, however still brand current in the box.


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