Portland is a cool city

It’s absolutely a weird type of city, and they pride themselves on being atypical

If you are looking for a certain neighborhood to visit this summer, after that I would command that you go to Portland, OR… Portland is one of the most certain cities in the entire country. Portland has many nicknames, care about Rose City, Bridgetown, Rip City, Portlandia, and Beervana, however just care about its nicknames, Portland has a variety of other things too. Portland is full of famous chefs and literally hundreds of weird kinds of food carts… If you care about food and trying current things, then you are going to care about it here in Portland. Portland is also a mecca for the arts, but you will find art and artists literally everywhere that you look when you are in Portland, from museums to galleries to outside on the street, however there are Borderss on every corner and many craft breweries to choose from, not only that, however with their thriving cannabis industry, they welcome all sorts of cannabis dispensaries throughout the city. If you are interested in sampling weird types of cannabis products, then Portland is the right locale for you. There are hundreds of locally owned dealers and pizzerias, and Portland is proud to be a locale where just about all the people shops locally. It’s absolutely a weird type of city, and they pride themselves on being atypical. Portland has a lot to offer, so if you are looking for a current fun locale to visit and explore, this is the right locale for you, then with so much to do, see, taste, and experience, it’s hard to think where to start. Just book a flight to Portland and go from there!


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