The Denver dispensary was really nice and clean

It’s very strange to be impressed with the cleanliness of a business, but I was recently impressed after visiting a Denver dispensary.

My wife and I were in Denver on business. We often go to the recreational marijuana dispensary if we happen to be in a state where it is legal. We usually ship those supplies back to the house before we head back to the state on business. The Denver dispensary that we visited was extremely nice and very clean. It reminded me of a doctor’s office and pharmacy. It might have been due to the fact that the business sold medical and recreational marijuana supplies. It was very clean and sanitary. Each one of the budtenders wore gloves when they handled our purchases and my wife and I were not allowed to touch anything in the store at all. It took a little bit of the fun out of our visit, but we have been to other dispensaries in Denver that have the same rules. We purchased a couple of different items and then we headed back to our hotel to enjoy the spoils of our visit to the marijuana shop. This time we purchased a couple of different pre-rolls and we also got an eighth of marijuana concentrate. The special three and a half gram jar was the biggest jar of cannabis concentrate that I have ever seen for purchase in a shop. I almost thought it was fake until the budtender gave me more information about the product. The strain was an indica and sounded like something that would really help me sleep better.


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