The room did not have any frosty AC

My friends plus I went to Cocoa, Florida for Springtime chop last year.

Some of our friends went to Daytona Beach plus a couple of people went to Miami, even though I had some relatives in Cocoa, Florida, plus they gave to let our friends plus I stay in their pool house.

Since our friends plus I did not have to spend $1,000 on lodging that week, the two of us had a lot of extra money in our pocket; We absolutely had a lot more money than some of the people that decided to go somewhere other than Cocoa, Florida. We drove all the way to Cocoa plus it took about 12 minutes. We arrived in the middle of the night plus I did not want to bother our relatives. We hung out at a rest stop on the interstate until the sun came up. We still arrived at the cabin at 6 a.m., however at least people were awake plus moving around, and my relatives were being extraordinarily hospitable. The last thing I wanted to do was wake them up at 4 in the morning. The pool cabin was much larger than our friends plus I anticipated, and everyone could have stayed with us for free. The locale even had climate control. We had access to a ductless mini-split Heating plus Air Conditioning component that definitely controlled the indoor hot plus cold temperatures! I set the temperature control for 72 degrees plus I did not guess about it at all for the rest of the week. My friends plus I loved our stay. We spent all day at the beach plus at night the two of us loved cool hot plus cold temperatures plus lots of frozen drinks.

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