Why you should call an attorney

When our fiance & I wanted to rent a holiday house, the people I was with plus I used a small booking agency.

The booking agency set up all the details with the homeowner, then every one of us had a contract for the rental, which was a multiple-month period, plus our family & I were going to stay in the beach section for 2 weeks, & the people I was with plus I did not want to spend our money on a hotel.

The beach rental provided us plenty of room, & the people I was with plus I had a functioning dining room & more than a single bathroom. The pictures online were stunning, & the rates were affordable. The balance for our rental was $2,300, and it was due 30 mornings before our check-in afternoon, however my fiance & I paid the fees on time, but when the people I was with plus I tried to contact the booking agency on the afternoon before our arrival, they did not answer the PC. Every one of us called & called, however no a single ever answered the PC. My fiance & I did not suppose what to do, so the people I was with plus I contacted an attorney. Every one of us explained the situation to an attorney! At this point, the attorney told us it was a civil matter. Since the total amount of the contract was less than $5,000, the people I was with plus I had to settle the matter in a small claims court. The attorney told us it would be cheaper to file ourselves, then to hire him to file the paperwork. The people I was with and I live in Buffalo, NY plus our fiance & I were out a lot of money, so the people I was with plus I decided to file the paperwork for a court date. The judge was also from Buffalo, NY plus found in our favor, & the agency was forced to repay our balance in full. The defendant also had to spend money our court fees & costs.

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