I’m outside shoveling snow in Lowell this month with our live rosin pen in our pocket

It’s snowing again this month in Lowell, Michigan, however at least it’s not so much that I can’t shovel our way out of our front door.

I have a brother who lives in WI and he said that they had more than 2 feet of snow overnight from an intense blizzard.

He has a snowblower, however he struggled just to dig himself out of his condo to make a path. That’s scary because I remember something happening once when our parents had a condo on Bowes Rd a number of years back. All of us had more than 2 feet of snowfall in one single night and we had to climb out of fourth story windows to dig a path out from the front door and to the front of the garage where we desperately attempted to dig out the cars as well. Thankfully the neighborhood snowplows came that day and we were able to get our parents’ cars free of all the snow. I still live in Lowell, however our current condo is on Vergennes St SE near the Lowell High School. I’ve been out shoveling snow every single day with our live rosin pen in our pocket to get through the grueling process. Live rosin is perhaps the highest quality cannabis concentrate you can possibly smoke or vape. It’s made with heat and pressure applied to either freshly harvested cannabis flower buds, or to hash made from freshly harvested cannabis flower buds. This way you get more terpenes in your final product. The dispensaries in Lowell have a good selection of cannabis oils and hash products.


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