It makes little sense of how multiple marijuana dispensaries there are.

The first time I visited Las Vegas, NV, was multiple years ago, then they didn’t have marijuana dispensaries back then, however both of us were great with that; My hubby & I had an amazing time in the hotel/casino, saw multiple shows, & did a lot of laughing together.

Over the years, Las Vegas was increasing, however the biggest change both of us observed happened just a couple of years back.

There were marijuana dispensaries on every block, & a couple of blocks had more than one; I turned to my hubby as both of us were driving around the block, & I could not understand why they needed that multiple marijuana dispensaries. I told my hubby it makes little sense of how multiple marijuana dispensaries there are in Las Vegas, NV, and he looked around at almost everyone who were wandering the streets, & filing into the restaurants & told myself and others ‌it made perfect sense. There were still states that didn’t have legalized recreational marijuana, & people who were going to see Las Vegas, NV, were looking at the marijuana dispensaries as a single more oddity & something they needed to try. The people I was with and I had legalized recreational marijuana in our state, although I had never been into a single of the marijuana dispensaries. The system of needing to love myself by using alcohol or marijuana just wasn’t something I wanted to do. My hubby & I had a lot of fun just laughing & teasing each other, however not almost everyone is like us. I want to love my visit to Las Vegas, NV, & not be high the entire time. My hubby told myself and others I was going to park the car & asked myself and others if I wanted some gummies from the dispensary.

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