My favorite cannabis store is near the University of MI North Campus

I have managed to try weed all over the state of MI, at least the lower peninsula.

During our single trip to the upper peninsula I only visited a single weed store, so I can’t comment on the selection up there.

But after staying in places care about Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Traverse City, Jackson, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, and Battlecreek, I have decided that our favorite cannabis comes from Ann Arbor. I guess that I’m biased being a resident of Ann Arbor, even though I still favorite it over the weed I bought while I was a student at MI State in Lansing. I don’t guess if there was as much money invested in higher quality growing facilities in central MI compared to places care about Ann Arbor and other communities in Washtenaw County. This town has many dozen cannabis dispensaries already open that are serving both medical and recreational marijuana clients. My new favorite cannabis store in the town of Ann Arbor is near the University of MI North Campus off Plymouth Rd. The dispensary is a strip mall-looking building and isn’t undoubtedly big, however they get products from our favorite growers in Washtenaw County. They also have a lot of solventless cannabis concentrates care about live bubble hash and live hash rosin. The solventless cannabis extracts are more luxurious, however the experience is indescribable in terms of the sheer potency, flavor, and mind extensiveness. I guess that it costs more money to buy these higher quality products, however they provide me the medical effects that I’m looking for. If I’m working late hours into the wee hours of the day, a quality sativa can help me push through the exhaustion and sleepiness I would normally experience at this time of the evening.



Recreational Cannabis Shop Ann Arbor MI