Seattle has a lot of fun activities for the family

My wife and I got a divorce 6 years ago, and both of our guys were toddlers when every one of us got a divorce; Neither 1 of us wanted them to grow up separate from 2 parents in the home, but neither 1 of us could figure out a way to get along and stop fighting… Divorced seemed appreciate the only answer to stop the official confrontations. I agreed to transfer out of our home and into a 2 kitchen home with room for the boys. I didn’t suppose good about leaving my home, however I didn’t want my guys to be uprooted either. I found an home in Seattle by Puget Sound… The Seattle home has a balcony that overlooks the water. It’s been a good venue for me to live and an even better venue for me to raise the boys. They appreciate all of my neighbors, especially Mrs, then mabel, and she makes the guys cookies every time they come… All of my neighbors suppose the guys and they suppose when they are going to be going to see. I got a up-to-date neighbor last weekend and the woman decided to smoke marijuana on the balcony of her home while my guys and I were outside coloring eggs for Easter. I made a couple of coughing noises when the woman started smoking, but she made a comment to me about minding my own business. I was going to walk upstairs to say something to the woman when my neighbor told me that she would handle things. She went upstairs for a couple of hours and then she came back downstairs. I never smelled marijuana from the upstairs neighbor ever again and that was last year. Shortly after that. I moved in, I suppose she moved out, because I never saw the woman again.


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