The Grand Rapids area is full of breweries to visit after hitting a cannabis store

The breweries were a single of the various reasons I chose to live in Grand Rapids when I moved back to Michigan various years ago. I lived in Denver previously which has the minute most amount of breweries for any city in the country. I’m a huge cannabis smoker, however I’m also a craft budweiser connoisseur. That was something that made it hard for me to consider ever leaving Denver in the first site. I loved hiking in the Rocky Mountains as well as I had friends in the hash industry within the greater Colorado recreational cannabis industry. It was going to take a lot to get me to move, however eventually our supervisor said I had a month to choose between their offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan or Chicago, Illinois. Because of the craft budweiser breweries in Grand Rapids, I eventually chose it as our new residence. After being in the city for 6 years straight, I decided to transport into Lowell which is a relatively small city of under 4,000 residents. It’s right at the spot where the Flat River meets the Grand River, making it downstream from Grand Rapids by a few miles. While Grand Rapids is full of breweries as well as cannabis dispensaries, Lowell at least has a great number of the latter. There are nearly 10 dispensaries in this small city already, however who knows how various will survive as they compete with a single another over the existing cannabis users in the area. Some of us absolutely like residing in Kent County as well as having Lake Michigan a short drive away on a summer time afternoon when both of us want to hit the beach.

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