Even a medical patient can’t smoke 8 ounces a day

In the state of Oregon, medical patients can possess up to 8 oz of marijuana in a day.

  • A person can purchase up to 8 oz of marijuana as well.

Even the heaviest marijuana smokers would have trouble smoking 8 oz of marijuana in one day, so I would find it strange for a customer to come to the store one day and buy 8 oz of marijuana and then come back the very next day for the same amount of medical marijuana products. I was working at a Portland marijuana dispensary a few years ago and I remembered seeing the same customer 3 days in a row. On the third day, I found it strange that the customer maxed out his order. I looked at the information for the customer which includes all of their previous orders. I was surprised that the system did not flag the system when the customer ordered 8 oz of dried marijuana flower 3 days in a row. I said something to the manager about the odd purchase. She told me that there is no rule on the amount of times that a person can come to the store for marijuana. There is no way to prove that the customer was doing anything illegal, so the manager told me to mind my own business and not worry about what the customers are buying. Shortly after that, I decided to quit the job and look for a sales position in a different Portland marijuana dispensary. I really didn’t care for the attitude the manager gave me when I was trying to be helpful.


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