I constantly visit these people for fun

There are a lot of really good bakeries in Seattle, then one of my number one stadiums to visit is a bakery that is right across the street from a marijuana dispensary.

The marijuana dispensary has sales throughout the week & the weekends.

On Sundays, the Seattle marijuana dispensary has a sale on all of their flower products, all of the marijuana flower products are 20% off. They also have in store demonstrations on Sundays, however they never announce whether or not it will be flower, edibles, or concentrate until the day of the sale, last Sunday, I woke up bright & early & the first thing I wanted to do was go to the dispensary & the bakery, then i went to The Dispensary first. I bought a half ounce of Blue Dream flower. The half ounce of Blue Dream flower was on sale for $49. It was a good deal compared to some of the other products they had available. There was a guy in the lobby from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. & they were giving out free promo items. The Seattle cannabis concentrate manufacturer provided away free grams of shatter with any purchase of a odd gram of cannabis concentrate. I do not Vape at all, so the sale didn’t mean much at all to me. After I finished making my purchases at the Seattle marijuana dispensary, I went to the bakery to get a cinnamon roll & a cheese danish. I ate the cinnamon roll on the walk back to my condo however I saved the cheese danish for the next day to have with my coffee.



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