I could smell the weed all the way across campground

My wife and I took our children camping in San Francisco bay last weekend before school started. We got the tents, kayaks, lanterns, and sleeping bags out of the garage. We checked everything to make sure that it was still working and in good condition. We had not been camping at all since the last season. Part of that was due to the quarantine and covid. Everyone was ready to get out of the house for a couple of days. My wife and I set up two tents in the San Francisco bay camping spot. One of the tents was for the two of us and our 3-year-old son and the other tent was for both of the older boys. We have a tent big enough to accommodate our entire family, but the boys prefer to have a tent of their own. They know they can come get us in the middle of the night if there is any problem at all that makes them feel scared. During one of the nights of our camping trip, the boys came to get us because they smelled a weird odor. They thought that it was a skunk, but I recognized the smell of marijuana right away. We were in San Francisco where marijuana is legal, but I didn’t think it was appropriate for the guys to smoke marijuana in the campground. I told the boys to go back to bed because everything was just fine, but they were convinced that there was a stray animal in the campground and they brought their sleeping bags into the tent with us. I continued to hear voices and smell marijuana until 3am.

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