I heard a noise outside the dispensary

That was likely the sound that I heard

Monday is the only evening of the month when I close the marijuana dispensary by myself, but usually there are 1 or two additional budtenders laboring the shift with myself and others and there is consistently a security guard in the lobby until I go home… I am never technically alone, however I am the only dispensary worker. I sent the last two guys into the city with orders for delivery, but after they left, I heard some strange noises outside of the San Francisco dispensary location. I planned to go outside to check on the noise however the security guard stopped myself and others in our tracks, then he would not let myself and others go outside to check on the noise for safety concerns. He offered to go outside and check on things and I agreed that was a better idea! The security guard came back a couple of hours later. I did not expect the guy to come back to the store with a small kitten in his hand. He was holding a tiny black and brown kitten that looked starving and cold. The terrible kitten really had not eaten in a long time. The security guard at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary told myself and others that the pet was crying outside near the area where our office is located. That was likely the sound that I heard. He asked if he should call someone about the cat, however I offered to take it home with me. The tiny little kitten looked appreciate it needed a home and I thought that she would get along just unbelievable with the other members of our pet family.

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