I wondered if having a cannabis dispensary across the street from a restaurant was done deliberately.

I was sitting in my hotel room in Las Vegas, and looked out my window.

  • Right across the street from our hotel was a cannabis dispensary.

I contemplated their idea of putting marijuana dispensaries across the street from a hotel that had several restaurants inside, and one was open all night. People were going in and out of the dispensary, and many of them were coming to the hotel. I wonder if there wasn’t a reason for this and if they did deliberately it. Most people know that when you smoke pot, you get the munchies. With there being a restaurant right across the street from a pot shop, and that restaurant is open 24/7 and offers amazing sweet treats, you’re heading to that restaurant shortly after smoking pot. That’s what I would do, especially now that I was in Las Vegas, NV, for a short time. I grabbed my partner and told her we were going to the marijuana dispensary. She asked what brought that up, and I said there was a marijuana dispensary across the street, and we were in Las Vegas, NV. I was going to experience everything Las Vegas, NV, had to offer, including their legal recreational marijuana. That afternoon, we went down to the buffet and instead of eating our meat and potatoes for dinner; we got a sandwich. Our sandwich got wrapped up and taken back to the hotel room, but we made a pig of ourselves with all the luscious sweets they offered. My partner said that what we consumed in Las Vegas, NV, was nobody’s business but ours.


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