The dispensary only delivers to the northern areas of the city

You can even use the 20% off sale on all of the deals.

My apartment is halfway between Boulder and Denver. It’s definitely a lot cheaper to live in this area than to live in Denver. The prices on real estate are totally outrageous. I can’t find a one bedroom apartment for less than $2,000 a month. I found this apartment that I currently stay in for $1575 monthly and it is a two bedroom and two bath. I can take in a roommate if I need help paying the bills. The marijuana dispensaries in Denver have cheaper prices on products, so we often drive into the city to stock up. I haven’t been to Denver in a while, because I’ve been using a delivery service. The Denver metropolitan area delivery service brings products from the city all the way out to boulder. They have great prices and lots of different deals from one week to the next. I can usually pick up grams of concentrate for less than $15 each and they are all made with live resin. The best time of the week to order from the Denver delivery service is on Thursdays when they have everything 20% off. You can even use the 20% off sale on all of the deals. I can save about $150 when I max out my order from the Denver delivery service. There’s nowhere else in the whole city that has better prices than this particular dispensary. They also offer lots of free gifts with your order like marijuana edibles, pre rolls, and rolling papers. You pretty much get a choice of one of those items every time you place an order with the Denver delivery service.

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