The old man was dancing in the street and smoking a pre-roll.

While visiting Las Vegas, NV, I cursed myself for leaving my cellphone in the hotel room while we were out for dinner. There was no one I wanted to talk to, and I thought that since my husband and I were on vacation, we didn’t need to call anyone from back home. If they needed us, it could wait an hour while we finished our dinner. An hour later, I wished I had brought my phone with me. We had an amazing camera on the phone, and I was wishing I could use it. There was an old man dancing in the streets outside the restaurant. He had a cold drink in one hand, and a pre-roll marijuana cigarette in the other hand. I knew it was marijuana because of the smell. He was offering to dance with every woman who was there, and was telling them he was the oldest Chippendale now located in Las Vegas, NV. Why that was going to make a difference, I didn’t know. I love Las Vegas, NV, and I told my husband I wouldn’t mind living there one day. It had a party vibe, but it was a quiet city when you got outside the city. I think he liked the idea that he could call the marijuana dispensary and have his medical marijuana delivered without driving to pick it up. He seemed to lean toward moving to Las Vegas, NV, but I didn’t think it was going to be ‌soon. He thought Las Vegas, NV, would be a good place to retire.

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