The Seattle team looked easily good during training

My best friend Jack as well as I are both avid fans of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, every year every one of us go watch the team practice during the Spring training season so every one of us can find out who is going to stand out for the next season, then jack as well as I took the whole week off this year so every one of us could go to the Spring training program. Tickets were high-priced, but I got autographs from all of the new Seattle rookies. Jack as well as I stayed at a campground close to the training facility. Tickets were pretty high-priced at the campground too, because the arena was busy. The people I was with and I spent $71 for a night to park our RV at the fairgrounds by the training facility. The people I was with and I could not get marijuana delivered out to the fairgrounds either, so every one of us had to drive into Seattle to get the items that every one of us needed; It was our stupid suggestion to wait to buy marijuana products until every one of us were in Seattle. The people I was with and I absolutely should have purchased the products that every one of us wanted as well as needed before every one of us left home. The prices on the Seattle marijuana products were sufficient as well as inhigh-priced, but it was a bummer having to drive all the way into the neighborhood to go to the dispensary. It would have been much better if they had gave delivery to the area where every one of us were located. The week of training camp was a lot of fun, but I was ready to go lake house at the end of the week. I was tired as well as I easily missed our partner’s lake house cooking. I had nothing but burgers as well as chicken tenders the whole time every one of us were in Seattle as well as I was ready for a lake house cooked meal with all of the fixings

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