We purchased pre-rolled joints to go hiking in the Waterloo Recreational area off M-52

It might be deceptive to visit Ann Arbor as well as know there aren’t any great hiking chances within the city, even if you ignore Nichols Arboretum as well as Gallup Park.

The reality is that within 10 minutes of the city’s borders, there are rural communities with woodlands towards the north, south, as well as west of the city.

One of my all time favorite sites to go hiking in Washtenaw County is the Waterloo Recreational Area. My family condo was just east of Waterloo in a rural area called Lyndon Township. It’s a few miles north of Chelsea, a slowly growing city in northwest Washtenaw County. At some point in my childhood Chelsea grew from a city into a verifiable city. One thing I started doing in middle school was taking long walks in Waterloo to smoke spots where I’d take pre-rolled joints of cannabis flower buds as well as smoke them in privacy in the woods. Even though I live in south Ann Arbor near Saline, I still love driving out to Waterloo every once in a while to get exercise while chiefing away on my pre-rolled joint. I love the cannabis that I have access to here in Michigan, especially when I’m able to love it out on hiking trails when I’m away from others as well as in total privacy. Nothing beats smoking cannabis out in nature, especially in the gorgeous Washtenaw County. Some of the neighboring areas as well as counties are predominantly flat farming land instead of hills as well as woodlands appreciate the Waterloo Recreation Area in northwest Washtenaw County. I easily would not want to live anywhere else, even if I had the choice to move.


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