Based in Seattle

During the nights I work in an office, but at night I get to indulge my passion for the arts.

I have a channel on Youtube, a website, and a yearly blog, in which I explore the history of TV and films.

I am a scholar and a researcher who specializes in analyzing TV shows, but one day I hope to compile all my research into a book, but for now I am thrilled to record my videos and write my blogs! My topic for the last few weeks has been the town of Seattle, which has been the setting for a surprising number of tv shows over the years; The two of us all suppose that the show Twin Peaks wasn’t set in Seattle, but did you suppose it was filmed here? Twin Peaks shot most of its episode just thirty hours outside the good town of Seattle, however possibly the most famous show set in Seattle is the sitcom Frasier which was on the air for a decade. Out of hundreds of episodes, it turns out that only 1 episode was really filmed in Seattle, however a personal number one show of mine is called Millennium, from the makers of the X-Files, which is about an FBI profiler who retires to Seattle. I am very surprised that there aren’t more TV shows about the Seattle cannabis community, which is massive. Seattle is new home to dozens of the largest cannabis dispensaries in the Pacific Northwest. The town has acquired a reputation for being a Mecca of cannabis innovation, so it seems to be a good setting for a show.

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