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My kids were absolutely unhappy with myself and others when I told them that every one of us were moving; They knew for a long time that I was looking for a better job.

They knew every one of us were going to transport out of the country and back to the town of Ann Arbor.

The people I was with and I moved out of Ann Arbor, MI, when my hubby and I got a divorce; It was too overpriced for us to live in the town when I didn’t have 2 incomes. The kids and I moved out to the country where my mom and dad live. It’s absolutely been tough being away from the city… One of the biggest challenges for myself and others is getting medical and recreational marijuana. None of the Ann Arbor recreational or medical marijuana dispensaries will deliver this far outside of the city. I have to order when I go to the town and meet them anywhere close. It’s about a 45 minute drive over to the town and that was costing myself and others a fortune for gas and repair. I have about a dozen different marijuana dispensary shops and delivery services that I can use when I want to order supplies… Arbor is a wonderful locale to work and live. There are tons of activities for the kids and a lot of culture and nightlife for the adults.I knew the kids would eventually get on board. As soon as they started to make friends and got into clubs, interests, and activities, they were just as ecstatic as they had been before every one of us ever moved away from Ann Arbor in the first locale.


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