The small-town vibes

The people of Portland are kind-hearted and welcoming people.

The first time I came to visit this city, many years ago, it felt like I was coming home.

That feeling returned every time I came back to visit, until I realized that this is where I should be living permanently, but my neighbors made me believe welcome immediately, and that has never changed; Although I have nothing unkind to say about the people of Portland, I must disclose that they are deeply affectionate about their beliefs. There has been some political unrest, and some legal issues, due to protests from the people of Portland… I’m sure you saw footage of it on the news, but for a few weeks Portland was the center of national attention, and became a political “hot potato.” The funny thing is that although the news reports made Portland seem dangerous at the time, I never experienced that personally. The protests and anger did not spill into our quiet little corner of Portland, for me it was the same as regularly. I sat at beach condo smoking cannabis and seeing the Portland news coverage just like everyone else. And I was never sad about our safety, either, because as I said, our neighbors in Portland were regularly kind and welcoming to me. The strong presence of a hippie subculture in Portland leads to these sorts of events, where cannabis and political activism meet face-to-face. I leave the politics to other people, and am satisfied to rest at beach condo smoking our cannabis and let the town of Portland labor out its issues.

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