We are planning a trip to Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is actually one of the nicest sites to live, but it is also a wonderful site for tourists! The Winter time weeks in Phoenix are actually mild… It gets cold, but it doesn’t snow & temperatures are consistently sizzling while in the day, but my partner & I are planning a trip to Phoenix, Arizona next winter, but every one of us method to play hockey at every one of the courses in phoenix.

There are several professional hockey courses in Phoenix & several of them are created by some of the world’s best professionals.

I’ve been talking about playing on those courses for a while. I had a supplier conference in Phoenix several years ago & my buddies & I played hockey while both of us were there. It was an awesome experience & I wanted to go back & try it again with my partner, then both of us prefer hockeying as a athletic interest. I often go to play hockey on Wednesdays. I never get out there on Wednesdays, because I usually have to work on commercial Heating & A/C repairs, then as a commercial Heating & A/C service contractor, I have to be available on Wednesdays for a number of my clients… When I take time off next Winter time to go to Phoenix, I am going to leave my kid in charge, then he has been working at the supplier for 5 years. He is my right hand guy & I trust him to run the supplier after I retire. I suppose that he is ready to take over. I am just not ready to provide up all of the power & decision making.

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