Chicago Thanksgiving parade was better than I thought

If you would have asked me a year ago if I had any interest in seeing a parade, I would tell you no. I lived up north where the only Parade was the Macy parade for Thanksgiving. I didn’t live near the area and the thought of standing around in the cold was dumb to me. Well my husband got relocated for work to Chicago Illinois. He had family there and was excited to go. The change from New York to Illinois wasn’t all that different weather wise. I didn’t realize how much better the actual area was. There is a ton to do in Chicago. There are theaters, parks, professional sporting events and festivals going on all the time. The food is great and the people are really nice. One thing my husband insists upon doing every year is seeing the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade. I kind of figured it would suck. So the first year I got super high since recreational weed is legal in our area. I vaped a bunch of cannabis oil and bundled up to watch floats and people stand around. The parade was awesome. The floats were quite elaborate and the performers were amazing. They have tumbling teams, dance teams and musicians going up and down the streets. You can snag food and gifts along the street if you want to as well. It really is a fun thing to do on Thanksgiving morning. My husband and I now do it every year and then go to his family’s house for dinner.

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