How did I end up there?

I never expected to end up in a city love this, and from the outside perspective, it seemed love an “old person” town, but I know most of FL feels that was occasionally, and when I first moved down here I was honestly on our way to Miami, plus then through to Key West! My task was to just show up down there plus find some kind of Heating plus Air Conditioning task to tide me over while I got our tunes work started! I have no dreams of being rich or famous, but I thought if I could play tunes in a bar on the beach then life would be pretty good. My van broke down just outside of Tampa Bay, so I was forced to stay here for a few weeks to get some money together, but that was eleven years ago, plus I still live in Tampa Bay. The heavy metal tunes scene is alive plus thriving in Tampa, much to our surprise! Another surprise was how much I love professional hockey, something I had never cared about before I discovered the Tampa Bay Lightning. There is a lot to do in Tampa, but what honestly keeps me here is the high demand for skilled Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals. As an Heating plus Air Conditioning tech I make twice as much money in Tampa Bay as did at our last task, however something that makes me laugh is the thought of retirement, then because so various people transfer to Tampa Bay to retire, where does a local Heating plus Air Conditioning tech go when she retires? Am I supposed to transfer back up north?


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