Ladies trip to Chicago was a success

My friends and I do a women trip every year! The people I was with and I spend 4-5 days together just being dumb and having fun.

The people I was with and I don’t go overseas however stay within the USA, but everyone speaks English, it is self-explanatory to travel to and you don’t have to say as long, then basically all us women want to do is shop, drink and get a massage.

Every year the two of us switch who picks the place; Last year I was the one in charge, and i looked all around and I decided that Chicago, Illinois was our place. The women weren’t too triumphant since it was Winter time time when the two of us could gathering. It turned out to be an amazing trip. I booked us in a high end hotel that had spa services and room service. I got us right near all the major steakhouses too. The food was amazing and there was so much to do. There were clubs prefer Green Mill that hosted Jazz nights. There was skating at Millenium Park. There were Winter time holiday markets all over the place; Chicago is also known for being a big shopping center. The people I was with and I spent at least multiple days walking up and down the streets hitting the shops. It is a shop lover’s paradise. The people I was with and I had so much stuff it was necessary to buy a suitcase and check the items, finally, the women and I also partook in the recreational weed there. It was fun going into a legal weed shop and picking out edibles and oil to smoke later in the hotel. It was a really great trip.



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