Parks Galore throughout the Muskegon Area

One thing I always enjoy doing is visiting a great Park.

When it is time to visit Muskegon Michigan, I plan to hit up as many parks as I can and find all the Adventure that I can possibly find.

The perfect place to start is The Muskegon luge Adventure Sports Park. If you have never swooshed down a fiberglass Trail on a wheeled sled, you are missing out. Luging is an amazing adventure for everyone, and thanks to Muskegon’s luge summer track as well as the more traditional winter luging experience, you can luge all year round. Pere Marquette Park is a perfect place to while away an afternoon with the kids. There is an awesome climbing and playing adventure with slides for those times swimming is not an option. The beautiful lighthouse stands as a pillar and waymarker as it did all those years ago. My family and I always say, “Meet you at the lighthouse at so-and-so time.” Why not hit up the deck and gather around a table for some good ol’ park fare? Yum. Hackley Park is a lovely lunch or afternoon getaway to de-stress, too. You can find it in the Muskegon historic district near Muskegon Lake. This 2 to 3 acre park offers a brief respite from whatever ails you – perhaps a tough day at work or a headache from screaming kids. Take a sandwich or a cup of coffee and just breathe. On Ottawa Street, you can discover Richards Park. It is through this park that you will find access to the lower portion of Muskegon Lake and Muskegon River. You can begin your adventure here after taking a minute to read about the lumber industry history.

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