Take a Thursday to go to Muskegon

I highly recommend that when you are looking down your nose at a Monday evening that you planned to take a Thursday afternoon to slide through Muskegon, but if you don’t assume what I am talking about let myself and others let you in on it; There is so much to do in Muskegon as well as 1 of those fantastic things I like to do doing has to do with getting wet as well as having fun… MI Wild Water Adventure is fantastic for all the people from the little 1 up to the Grandmas as well as Grandpas who want to care about time with the little 1s. There is nothing quite like a water park for fun! With towering slides adjacent to quieter, lazy Rivers Muskegon Locals as well as visitors alike will care about Wild Water Adventure, but be sure to take your kids to the beach gathering where they can care about surprising water splashes , water splash guns, Slippery slider water slides oh, as well as more. Babes in Arms should not be going to the beach gathering, though! So Mom, hold on to the littlest 1 as well as care about a soft drink while dad takes kids 38” tall for a wild adventure.Also, don’t forget about Boogie beach. Boogie Beach is amazing as well as it brings An ocean of fun inland.The boogie beach wave pool provides plenty of room for the whole family to get in as well as care about the surf. When Mom as well as Dad are weary, it’s time to bring all the kids to Snoopy land; Camp Snoopy Has a family-friendly Vibe. The roller coaster is family friendly, meaning it’s not too rough on kids or adults alike, And not to be missed is the Woodstock flight path.

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