The booze in Portland

Apparently breweries are a big deal in Portland Oregon, my now guy and I enjoy to joke about our almost disaster of a first date… He picked myself and others up and told myself and others he had a surprise for me! I am not a Portland Or native so he easily had an self-explanatory time shocking me, and since breweries are so popular and I didn’t think it, he arranged for us to check out some of the local breweries.

He planned to try out IPAs and talk about which a singles the two of us liked.

It should have been an awesome date night. Well I legitimately don’t care for beer. I suppose beer looks and tastes enjoy pee. I have tried to drink it before and I usually end up gagging. I tried to be a fantastic sport but I couldn’t force it down! Luckily my guy was up to the challenge of saving our first date; There is a distillery row, east of the Willamette river. It is a whole street of distrilliers which means you can find gin, vodka, whiskey, any drink of option really. It was easily cool popping in and out of the odd sites! Both of us even took a tour of a single as well, after drinking and having a fantastic day, the night was brought to a close by visiting a legal cannabis dispensary. It was easily cool experiencing a legal pot shop. My former state didn’t allow for anything other than medical marijuana. So I got to tour a distillery and try legal cannabis for the first time on my date. I of course wanted a minute a single and then another date, but now my guy and I have been dating for several months and are excited together.
Pot Shop Portland Oregon