The rain made me feel very sad and depressed

I grew up in Seattle, Washington, where it seems to rain every other day.

The average rainfall in Seattle is about 150 days.

The average rainfall in Seattle is about 40 in. That is a lot of water. The rain makes me feel very sad and depressed. When I was growing up, every time there was rain I was feeling gloomy. As soon as I was old enough to leave Seattle, I moved away from the city and to a different place where there is frequently more sun than rain. I still live in a place where recreational marijuana is legal. That was something very important to me, because I use recreational marijuana every single day. I didn’t want to move to a place where I would not be able to access the medicine that I need. After 2 months of living somewhere else, I was online in a chat room and I met a really nice girl. We started talking about a lot of different things and I didn’t know where she was from until after we had talked for a while. When I found out that she was living in Seattle, I suddenly got this deep pain in the pit of my stomach. If I had never moved away from the city, I would have been close enough that we could have seen each other frequently. I wanted to be able to maintain that relationship, but there was no way that I was going to move back to the city after I left for a very good reason.
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