The tailgating party was no place for a child

Last Sunday was the second week of the playoffs and the Denver team was playing at a cold weather stadium.

  • My friends and I couldn’t go to the game, because it was on the other side of the country.

We went to the stadium parking lot where there was a huge tailgating party. People were dressed up in the Denver orange colors and there were parties all over the place. One guy was smoking a giant beef brisket and another guy had a grill the size of a dining room table. He was making chicken, ribs, and pork chops. There were lots of people that were cooking brats, sausages, hot dogs, and hamburgers. There were a bunch of different people at the Denver stadium including adults and children. There was a lot of chaos going on at the event. It didn’t seem like the type of place for kids to me. There were people drinking beer and alcohol and a lot of the people in the parking lot were smoking marijuana. My friends and I were smoking marijuana too. We were using a vape pen that I brought from the house. I wasn’t sure if people were going to be smoking marijuana because of the smell. I wished that I had brought some dried marijuana flower with me. I didn’t have to look very far to find some. There was a Denver marijuana dispensary only five blocks from the stadium. I called an Uber and the guy picked me up outside on the street. He took me to the dispensary and waited. Then he drove me back to the party.


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