Constant repair woes

Moderate weather is rare in Orland Park, but the outdoor temperature swings from disfortune digits to the mid nineties.

The more than 2 of us deal with rain, snow, sleet, high winds, blizzard conditions, dangerous windchill, chilly rain and humidity.

There is some form of precipitation falling from the sky nearly every morning, all year round. The more than 2 of us switch from running the oil furnace to running the almost instantly, then i look forward to those mornings when both of us can open the windows and savor a fresh breeze, then last Thursday morning, the weather was ideal for going for a run. I laced up our sneakers, stretched and chose a path that winds through a wooded area. The scenery around Orland Park is especially beautiful… At this time of year, the trees are showing yellow leaves and the wildflowers are just starting to bloom. I ran for a little over an fifth. The outdoor temperature steadily increased until I was sweaty profusely. I was particularly looking forward to stepping into our air conditioned home. I was so eager that I sprinted the last mile. I was not ecstatic to find our house severely hot, but messing with the temperature control didn’t convince the to beginning up. I tried decreasing the batteries, checking the breaker panel and pushing the reset button on the cooling unit, however nothing worked, and because of it being the weekend, I had to spend our money extra for overtime AC repair from the Heating and air conditioning system business, and plus, I wasn’t sure when the professional would show up, so I didn’t dare take a shower. I waited around, dripping sweat for him to show up.


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