Looking for the perfect pre-roll

They don’t start strong and end up tasting like hay by the end

I think I’ve visited every recreational cannabis dispensary in San Francisco. I am on a quest to find the best pre-rolls. I prefer the traditional consumption method of smoking flower. I don’t like the work, mess and waste of rolling my own joints. Despite quite a bit of practice, I’m not skilled at either proper packing or rolling. I tend to either overfill or underfill and usually roll too tight. The joints tend to continually go out and need to be relit. They develop a huge ash and lose flavor toward the roach. Pre-rolls are effortless, portable and affordable. They provide instant gratification. All I need to do is light up, sit back and enjoy. However, there are dispensaries that prioritize low pricing and are willing to sacrifice quality. I don’t want pre-rolls filled with shake or trim. I look for maturely cultivated, top-shelf buds with no seeds, sticks or leaves. There are a huge selection of pre-rolls on the market, including indicas, sativas and hybrids of varying potency. I typically purchase joints infused with kief for added THC and terpenes. They are available in singles and packs and are safely packaged for freshness. Sundazed, Candescent, Dogwalkers and Blaze are some of my favorite brands. I can be sure of a smooth and consistent burn. They don’t start strong and end up tasting like hay by the end. They offer quick onset of effects and make it affordable to try new strains. Fortunately, the majority of San Francisco dispensaries carried a high integrity of product. Many include amenities such as online ordering, in-store pickup and delivery.

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