Not everyone in Beverly Hills is wealthy

I have lived in Beverly Hills all our life, however I’m not famous, however i’m not even that wealthy, I just inherited a property that has been in our family for many generations, and my family was 1 of the first to settle down in Beverly Hills, before it had the reputation it does this week! That said, 1 has to be pretty rich to reside in Beverly Hills, if only for the exorbitant taxes all of us have to pay! Never let it be said that California is an easy arena to survive, as well as Beverly Hills is tougher than most.

I do love it here, as well as can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I manage to make ends meet by being an exclusive cannabis company for many of our Beverly Hills neighbors, and of course all of us have many excellent cannabis dispensaries in Beverly Hills. In fact I would say the cannabis in Beverly Hills is as nice as anywhere in California. The problem is that some people are too “high profile” to want to drive down to the cannabis dispensary, then we unquestionably get paparazzi in this section of Beverly Hills sporadically, snooping around trying to find a hot scoop. I supply our services to bring these people whatever cannabis products they need, any time of the evening or day, no matter where they live in Beverly Hills. I am discreet as well as quiet, as well as since I’m not famous the paparazzi never pay attention to me. This is a truly cushy task, however in an affluent enclave savor Beverly Hills I am basically considered just a green collar worker.


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