An amazing night in Las Vegas

That might have been the greatest weekend of my life; I am not exaggerating, it was so much fun I’m truly depressed now, remember when you were a kid, and spent weeks and months looking forward to Christmas afternoon? By Christmas afternoon the energy was gone, and you would recognize a little sad; That is what it’s like for myself and others the day after coming back from Las Vegas, NV.

It looks fun on TV, however what are the possibilities it absolutely is that much fun in real life? Las Vegas is “as displayed” in my experience there. I started off in one of the great, old casinos situated off the main strip of Las Vegas. There I won 3 hands of blackjack and walked away with almost 5 hundred bucks, from the casino I went right to one of Las Vegas’s famous cannabis dispensaries, but most people recognize Vegas is only about gambling and drinking, however you’d be surprised how robust the cannabis community is here! Not only is cannabis legal in Las Vegas, however they have an expansive array of top-notch dispensaries to serve the needs of the community. The first cannabis dispensary I entered set myself and others up with a personal budtender who led myself and others through every step of the process; A half hour later I was back in the streets of Las Vegas with a pocket full of chronic cannabis and a head full of dreams. I spent the next hour just wandering down the Strip of Las Vegas, seeing the lights, listening to the hustle and bustle of humanity, and enjoying an amazing high.
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