Babysitting in CA and trying legal weed

My brother needed to attend the wedding of a friend of his.

He needed someone to watch his daughter while he attended the wedding.

So my brother and I flew to San Francisco and I was on babysitting duty for one day. It was a really fun trip. My brother booked us a great hotel and we decided to spend a week in California. The wedding was in San Fran and at a high end restaurant and garden area. I stayed around the city with my niece. The two of us went everywhere that day. I looked at all the neat shops, swam in the hotel pool and I even bought some legal cannabis. It was weird taking my niece into a cannabis dispensary, but it wasn’t like people were smoking right then and there. It was really clean and modern too. I especially liked that I had a surprise for my brother after the wedding. When we moved onto Santa Cruz, I surprised my brother with the cannabis. The two of us picked a day to smoke on the balcony that came with our room. We got a little high, played with the cute baby and had a great time. San Fran was a really beautiful area. My favorite thing about it was the legal weed though. I liked that I could just stop into a store and get what I wanted. It really added an extra element to our trip. I was able to try vaping cannabis oil for the first time. My medical weed only state wouldn’t let me do that.


Dispensary San Fransisco CA